ONE boomerangs are

made in Australia, all

boomerangs are

individually crafted,

not mass produced, I

offer the best value

boomerangs on the

planet. This means

more bang for your


MOZZIE The Mozzie is one of the best ever boomerangs to learn on, the Mozzie is very forgiving and very accurate, easy to throw and a lovely flight, The Mozzie is great for kids or adults that want an easy to throw boomerang. The Mozzie is the perfect first boomerang purchase, super reliable and ready to rock when you are, you cant go wrong with a Mozzie.  •	Distance: 30+ Meters. •	Made from 4mm polypropylene. •	Flight tested and tuned before shipping. •	Made in Australia. •	Price: $25.00 AUD + postage.

Mozzie returning boomerang, available at