ONE boomerangs are

made in Australia, all

boomerangs are

individually crafted,

not mass produced, I

offer the best value

boomerangs on the

planet. This means

more bang for your


JUFF The Juff is a design by boomerang expert David Fantone from Oregon USA,  David has kindly allowed me to make the Juff for customers. The Juff is a a truly magnificent design and easy to throw, you will be rewarded with a fantastic flight that just keeps driving home to your waiting hands, the Juff is also very compact and easy to take anywhere, perfect for camping or keep one handy in the car for that unexpected throwing spot.  •	Distance: 30 - 40+ Meters. •	Made from 4mm polypropylene. •	Flight tested and tuned before shipping. •	Made in Australia. •	Price: $25.00 AUD + postage.

Juff returning boomerang, available at